Saturday, 31 January 2015

January Meeting

A pleasant day was spent on Di’s veranda  at Mylor weaving away merrily and of course chatting away and enjoying a delicious shared lunch as usual..


We had a special visitor, Joanne from Scotland who taught us the knotting technique she had been researching, along with sharing the history of this and other similar ancient knotting/knitting methods.

string knoting

Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Contemporary basketry offers a wide variety of techniques to mix and match which means there is always another interesting project around the corner.Using natural materials from the garden adds ‘the icing on the cake’ so to speak.

The challenges and rewards are on the same scale as farming and gardening. Developing a framework and then creatively filling it in. For me basketry, or the Adelaide Hills Basket Cases  adds  the rewards of working as a team, harnessing the group creativity and of course having fun with sticks.Our latest project has all of these elements.

The metal framework created with the greatest skill was a beautifully crafted set of 3 tunnels and to-pee that is to form part of the horticulture display  as a children's garden at this years Royal Adelaide Show.Our job was to simply weave them.  


As the day progressed so did the structures to the gentle sound of talking geese and the hum of a group getting on with the job, chatter and laughter as the pile of grape pruning's  diminished and the structures cane to life.

P8051545 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         P8051537 P8051552

Until by the end of a long day we had created this

completed childrens play tunnels

Adelaide Hills Basket cases

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Nairne Meeting


Basketry materials anyone? Plenty of projects in this lot. 

hills basket cases

Hills Basket Cases checking out the Gibberagunya gardens .

   P5061222 P5061223P5061224

Basketry in the Gibberagunya garden.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Challenge and Reward - the completion of the Hanging Pod Chairs

Every now and then a rare opportunity comes along that both challenging and rewarding. So when  Basketry SA was offered a project to weave 3 large hanging chairs for a display at the Royal Adelaide show  I was quietly  excited on one hand but concerned at the scale of the project on the other. When the first chair arrived, the frame was a stunning shape and we all got very inspired. So what do we do now…No one had a plan or overall picture. So we just set to work weaving. We worked longer than a normal meeting as it was dark by the time I got home. As the main group were having their meeting in Adelaide the next day we packed it up to be sent down for addition inspiration and input.This group then took charge of this chair.

Mean while the second chair arrived in my shed. Ok we have a plan of sorts based on materials. Willow and red dogwood would be interlaced (random weave) We stood it up so we could work on it  and off we went. No one had really used random weaving much before but the more we progressed the more excited we became, so much so we were planning other large projects for the future. After 5 sessions it was finished.and the third chair had also arrived. So off we went again. Starting with the seat, weaving with willow and and banana passionfruit .

Now the show is about to start and the three chairs are hanging in all their glory and we all feel proud and satisfied at a job well done with the bonus of learning new skills in both basketry and working together with many creative fellow basket makers.      

 P9030954  This one is interlaced  or random weave using willow and red dogwood and took 5 6hour sessions with between 3 and 5 hills Basket Cases  contributing.

Detail of interlacing



This one is woven using hand made  string and features windows ,knotless netting and lacing. It took 9 sessions with around 3-5 people plus many other members contributed by making miles and miles of string.This was constructed my members at the city HQ











This is the smaller pod the bottom is woven willow, the top woven with willow,passionfruit,grape,rose,palm flower stalks.

It features a series of panels  constructed by many members of Basketry SA. This pod took 4  6 hour sessions for 3-5 Basket Cases. 



Once they where all completed it was time to hang them ready for the Royal Adelaide Show .


…….and they looked Fantastic!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Creative Group Projects

As  well as continuing along our own creative path we have been enjoy the challenges and rewards of group projects.We started off with a simple garden project.


early in the day          The team         some just need to get their project finished          almost there         weaving  away          well its finished

mounted on the deck


It's not often that basketry is involved with theatre productions but during the Fringe in February this year we were invited to add some interest to the set & surrounds at the Gibberagunyah Amphitheatre at Nairne in the Adelaide Hills. Ink Pot Arts produced an adaptation of Shakespeare's popular play with an indigenous flavour which suited the outdoor venue nestled between two hills.

   On the pathway down the hill were random weave balls on posts around the solar lights to guide the audience around the rocks. Tatania's nest was created from a series of willow tension trays linked together into a three quarter circle & lined with grass so she could sleep peacefully. Apple trees pruning's were used to make  a screen around the backstage area so the audience didn't see the actors en route to the coffee van at interval. Decorating these arches were flowers made from dracaena draco leaves which looked beautiful against the hessian scrim.

It was a very satisfying project & fun to work with an enthusiastic bunch of women for a community cause.

Weaving the screenOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         finished screen         dracaena draco leaves


Basketry SA is involved in a  project to weave 3 hanging garden chairs for a display in the Royal Adelaide Show in September.Two of the 3 chairs are in progress at present. The one the Adelaide Hills Basket Cases is working is being interlaced (or random weaving) using willow and red dogwood over the metal frame.The photos below show the first couple of sessions.

week 1         session 2         end of session 2

You’ll have to go to the Royal Adelaide Show to see the finished chairs!